COVID-19 and Training


'I felt that the course was extremely well organised and that great care had been made to make sure that everyone felt comfortable with the situation. The tutor was very mindful of social distancing and gave plenty of opportunities for people to say if they felt uncomfortable. The online learning was a great addition to the course and I felt much more confident when attending the two afternoon sessions because I felt that I already had some knowledge behind me. The flow of the afternoon sessions was brilliant and having a mannequin each to practise compressions on meant that this part of the training ran much more smoothly than I have previously known.
Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into these sessions, you made a very daunting training session a very pleasant experience'.

What do I need to bring with me?

Before you arrive, please ensure if you are on a blended course that you have successfully completed the online course.

Please bring a black or blue ink pen to the course, together with a some material to take notes. You will need to bring food and refreshments as we cannot guarantee that the onsite cafe will be available during your visit.

When I arrive what happens?

When you arrive we ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your course is due to start. 

Press the intercom button and at reception clean your hands with the supplied hand sanitiser and sign in to the building.

You will be directed to the room you're in for the course. Please follow the directions and instructions given. When walking follow the floor markings shown here.


You will be directed to sit at a table. Please do not move the desk or chair from your socially distanced position in the room. Each student has their own area to work in without compromising other students safety. Please try and avoid standing on or moving the floor mats as these have been cleaned ready for your use. We have capacity for 8 students only so any changes in health or work requirements may mean a service charge.

Room layout

How do you Track and Trace?

Each table and all the equipment is numbered and you will be asked to record these on the course paperwork on your table.

Please write in block capitals where requested and you must use blue or black ink.

Table layout?

On your table you will find the training items you will use on your course.

These have been cleaned ready for your use.

We have provided you with, antibacterial wipes together with hand sanitiser. You will see prompts on the presentation screen when we require you to clean your hands, but please feel free to use the items whenever you want.

Cleaning products

What Training items do we use?

Each table has:

3 types of auto-injector


Child manikin (Paediatric course)

Infant Manikin (Paediatric course)

Adult Manikin (Adult Course)

Face Shield

Disposable Sling

Training Dressing


What about Manikin Safety?

Each manikin has been cleaned and has had new lungs fitted ready for your use. You are required to use the face shield when compressing or breathing into each manikin. At the end of your course you will be shown how to remove and dispose of the lungs and face shield safely.

You will also be asked to wipe down all the equipment used during your course.

What about Comfort Breaks?

We have toilets available on site but they are restricted to one person at a time only. For your safety we have provided each table with hand wash which you can take into the toilets with you. You will find hand dryers and paper towels in the sink area. Please dispose of any items into the provided bin.


Please enjoy your course!